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Low vs. Diamond @ Mercury Lounge July 30, 2008

Friends of mine were in town to promote their AMAZING new self-titled debut album, Low vs. Diamond, including a national television debut–killed it!– on David Letterman Tuesday night. The band was kind enough to even book a local show so we could all watch them rock out.  I recorded one of their new hits with my pocket-sized Flip Video Camcorder— that easily fit in my bag– so now everyone who was unable to attend the show could enjoy the musical experience.  For all you music lovers and the ones who like to take credit for being the first to discover an underground hit band about to explode in pop culture, Low vs. Diamond should certainly be on your radar! You will notice, I focused primarily on my friends: Lucas Field the lead singer and songwriter, Howie Diamond on the drums and Tad Moore on the Keyboard. Enjoy one of my favorite’s titled Don’t Forget Sister.  Also, look for their first released single titled “Heart Attack”.  And see how easy the video was??? No editing was even necessary! SHINE ON!


Here She Is!

Lindsey Port, creator of intheglo

Lindsey Port, creator of intheglo

Hello all IntheGloers! Welcome to IntheGlo or better known as my baby. I conceived the concept of InthegGo while trying to sell a Louis Vuitton belt on Ebay. One of my bidders wanted me to prove that the belt was actually real– keep in mind I had already paid to post three different pictures of the dumb belt– yet, my buyer still insisted on seeing the “Made in Spain” stamp engraved on the back of the buckle. First of all, it’s “Made in France” and second, trying to get the tiny stamp to show up using an 8 mega-pixel digital camera is next to impossible! After 20 minutes I gave up and just sent the bidder what I had regardless of how clear the stamp was– so over it! Later that day I was waiting for the 6 train (so Jenny from the block of me!) when I started thinking: I wish I could just upload a video showing all angles and details and, then, Voila! IntheGlo was born! Opening it up, I even want people to be able to sell their services. I hope everyone finds IntheGlo to be easy, user-friendly, fun, entertaining and most of all HELPFUL! We are creating this platform with every penny in our pockets so that anyone who has had a similar experience with other shopping/selling sites never have to deal with that again. Finally, sellers can sit back, relax and enjoy the GLO! Lights. Camera. Sell! xx LP

The Power of Video: Christian the Lion

Ironically, just last night a friend was recounting this “Christian The LionYoutube video that moved her to tears. I didn’t belive any Youtube video had that power, until I actually watched it. If you are not famaliar with the clip, it is the story of two friends who send their pet lion cub, Christian, back into the wild only to seek him out years later in the African jungle. When they find Christian he leaves his pack and comes charging towards the two guys. Thinking I have just been set up for the most horrific video ever, I cringed until the grown lion actually starts licking and hugging his former owners– all the while the short video is set to Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”! If you thought the last scene of the Bodyguard was emotional– you have not seen “Christian The Lion“. Christian’s owners were actually on the Today Show this morning talking about this! While here at IntheGlo, we don’t expect you to move people to tears over your fantastic products, but we do you want you to realize the power of video. LIGHTS! CAMERA! SELL!

Roommate Needed: PigPens Need Not Apply

Moving into a city like New York it is next to impossible to afford your own apartment. So what do you do if you are a young twenty-something making peanuts and no friends to call roomies. Craigslist duh! It seems so easy. Post an add for a roommate, meet up over a $5 latte at Starbucks and Viola! you have a brand new BFF. Ahhh, if only things worked like the Hills. In a city of 5 million plus people, the odds of walking into Starbucks and finding the perfect bubbly roommate that wears the same size shoe as you is slim to um… none. In reality, you will probably be stuck with some chain smoking, psycho who is a troubled actress and gets regular visits from the Indian take-out restaurant and creepy married boyfriend. If your anything like me, you will be too nice to say anything and deal with them and their “troubles” until your lease expires. Now imagine if you could see what you were getting into before you walked into Starbucks. IntheGlo is helping to make those situations a whole lot better. Need a roommate? Upload a personal visit about yourself! Looking for a roommate? Browse videos of your peers and connect with them via their own personal IntheGlo page! Don’t start a shady email chain, actually see each other before the first meeting. With IntheGlo ‘s service pages you can find a roommate, someone to fix a light bulb or even organize your closet, but most importantly, you can see who will be walking into your apartment long before they get there. See ya later creeps!


Hi IntheGlo fans. My name is Andrea. I can’t take credit for the genius that is IntheGlo (that would be Lindsey– you will meet her soon!), but I am her creative counterpart. I am the founder of our fabulous little blog and handling all the creative content on the site. As an online shopping addict, I come to you with a wealth of knowledge on how to get your products sold online. Sick of lifeless pictures and gibberish dimensions, IntheGlo is helping everything come alive for the buyer. Sellers be excited! With a simple video you can transmit directly to the reader how incredibly amazing your product is. Trust me, anyone who likes shopping as much as me loves a good sales pitch! Never have the online seller and shopper been so close. Forget buying a couch from a random email, see everything before you decide. Never be tricked by photoshop or get scammed into a designer fake. What you see is what you get at IntheGlo. We cannot wait to get you IntheGlo!

Why I Want to Video Shop: No More Dimensions

I’ll admit it, I am addicted to shopping online! Since I spent the better part of my college years working retail, I hate to return anything I buy– unless there is something really wrong with it. For me, looking at shots of products is just so boring and not helpful. I always find myself wondering things like, “how is that skirt suppose to flow?” “Is this dress suppose to be baggy or tight?” “What size is the display and is it to scale?” “How big is that ‘oversized’ tote?” It’s not like the computer screen talks back to me so I have to guess or go with the information provided. When I spotted this Botkier Sasha Duffle on , I fell in love with the color and knew it need to be mine. Then I noticed the word “small” in its title. What? The bag is called a duffle and it looks big enough. Stats of the bag included: measures approx 18″W x 11″H x 6″D, double handle measures approx 14″ with a 5″ drop, detachable shoulder strap measures approx 14″ with a 9.5 inch drop. What does that even mean? Too much measuring and math for me! Now if there was a video, all my questions would be answered. I would see how long it hung on a model, I could tell if it was heavy, deep, wide and everything else. Selling by video makes it so much easier for the buyer! IntheGlo is helping us shopping addicts and showing us what we are really getting. Gotta love that!

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Website Envy: Kirna Zabete

As part of our research for IntheGlo, we searched the web for some of the most fabulous websites out there. Just last night, Lindsey made me check out Kirna Zabete‘s newly launched site. If you aren’t familar with Kirna Zabete, it is this ultra chic store in Manhattan’s Soho district that carries designers like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Lanvin, Giambattista Valli and other big coveted names that we can’t afford. We love the Asian-inspired design that is so true to the actual store, but besides the design, we LOVE the video! Can’t get to the store, take a virtual tour with the chic shop owner’s here. We love how it feels like you are actually there. Now, take this concept and apply it to IntheGlo. Imagine every item you view a product you have this same personal experience. For a seller, there is no better way to get the buyers attention and for a shopper, you can see exactly what you are getting– no surprises! Unlike this video, yours don’t have to be so well-done– in fact, no professional experience required to post a product. IntheGlo wants video selling to be just as fun as buying. Check out the cool Flip Video for ideas, or just get practicing on a web cam. Can’t wait to see what you come up!