Must-Have: Flip Video Camera!

Making a video to sell your product should not scare you. With cell phone video cameras, web cams, video enabled digital cameras and more uploading your film is as simple as 1-2-3. Yes, you read that right: will not require you to edit, be a professional or pay a professional to make your video. Simply aim and shoot! If you want great quality videos without paying top dollar check out Flip Video. These amazing little cameras are cordless, tapeless and run on standard AA batteries– which means no recharging. With a microphone and TV playback feature this is full proof– even for you tech illiterates out there! What’s better is the slim camera can fit in your purse or pocket and comes with a USB arm. Don’t worry about installation, just plug into your comp and Voila! You have a video! Check them out on their site or buy one (on sale!) at Get your videos ready!

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