Quote of the Day: “Be Fearless”

Starting something new is always scary. How do you know if it is going to work? The answer is simple, you don’t! Too lazy to sell on ebay and too skeptical to buy what was out there, I knew IntheGlo.com could be the answer I was looking for. Around the time we were toying with the idea, I heard Donatella Versace speak at the new New York Times building. Here was a woman who watched her brother die, daughter suffer aneroxia and still stayed strong and rebuilt the House of Versace. Regardless of all the luxury competition around her, the woman literally took her brand into a whole new dimension (Versace helicopters anyone?). When she was asked to shed some words of wisdom, the Italian looked straight into the audience and simply said, “Be Fearless.” I wrote those two words down and have since lived by them. We are beyond excited to be bringing you this new innovative way to shop, but if we had let fear get in the way it would never have even come this far. Stay tuned for more fearlessness from the IntheGlo.com founders.

Image credit: Koodos.com


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