Man with a Van

So how many of you have found a great piece of furniture online, been shocked at what a great deal you just got, only to realize that you now have to get it from point A to your apartment? This happened to me yesterday when I bought a lovely West Elm couch from a nice guy on the UWS, and then scrambled to craigslist to find the infamous “Man with a Van”. After getting a few outrageous quotes from these various van men, I finally got someone on the phone who gave me a price I could stomach. He seemed nice enough and said he could do the move that night. But after being come onto by a strange man from the Czech Republic who clearly has yet to discover the virtues of a good belt, I realized just how nice it would have been to have actually seen this “Man with a Van” before giving him my address and inviting him to move furniture into my home. With IntheGlo there are no more mysteries, no more schemes — what you see actually is what you get!

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One response to “Man with a Van

  1. I think Intheglo is a great idea and will be the revolutionary force in the online merhcant world.

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