Why I Want to Video Shop: No More Dimensions

I’ll admit it, I am addicted to shopping online! Since I spent the better part of my college years working retail, I hate to return anything I buy– unless there is something really wrong with it. For me, looking at shots of products is just so boring and not helpful. I always find myself wondering things like, “how is that skirt suppose to flow?” “Is this dress suppose to be baggy or tight?” “What size is the display and is it to scale?” “How big is that ‘oversized’ tote?” It’s not like the computer screen talks back to me so I have to guess or go with the information provided. When I spotted this Botkier Sasha Duffle on Revolveclothing.com , I fell in love with the color and knew it need to be mine. Then I noticed the word “small” in its title. What? The bag is called a duffle and it looks big enough. Stats of the bag included: measures approx 18″W x 11″H x 6″D, double handle measures approx 14″ with a 5″ drop, detachable shoulder strap measures approx 14″ with a 9.5 inch drop. What does that even mean? Too much measuring and math for me! Now if there was a video, all my questions would be answered. I would see how long it hung on a model, I could tell if it was heavy, deep, wide and everything else. Selling by video makes it so much easier for the buyer! IntheGlo is helping us shopping addicts and showing us what we are really getting. Gotta love that!

Image credit: revolveclothing.com

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