Hi IntheGlo fans. My name is Andrea. I can’t take credit for the genius that is IntheGlo (that would be Lindsey– you will meet her soon!), but I am her creative counterpart. I am the founder of our fabulous little blog and handling all the creative content on the site. As an online shopping addict, I come to you with a wealth of knowledge on how to get your products sold online. Sick of lifeless pictures and gibberish dimensions, IntheGlo is helping everything come alive for the buyer. Sellers be excited! With a simple video you can transmit directly to the reader how incredibly amazing your product is. Trust me, anyone who likes shopping as much as me loves a good sales pitch! Never have the online seller and shopper been so close. Forget buying a couch from a random email, see everything before you decide. Never be tricked by photoshop or get scammed into a designer fake. What you see is what you get at IntheGlo. We cannot wait to get you IntheGlo!


One response to “Introducing….Andrea!

  1. Awesome site Andrea…can’t wait to buy and sell on Intheglo! Love the blog too 🙂

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