Roommate Needed: PigPens Need Not Apply

Moving into a city like New York it is next to impossible to afford your own apartment. So what do you do if you are a young twenty-something making peanuts and no friends to call roomies. Craigslist duh! It seems so easy. Post an add for a roommate, meet up over a $5 latte at Starbucks and Viola! you have a brand new BFF. Ahhh, if only things worked like the Hills. In a city of 5 million plus people, the odds of walking into Starbucks and finding the perfect bubbly roommate that wears the same size shoe as you is slim to um… none. In reality, you will probably be stuck with some chain smoking, psycho who is a troubled actress and gets regular visits from the Indian take-out restaurant and creepy married boyfriend. If your anything like me, you will be too nice to say anything and deal with them and their “troubles” until your lease expires. Now imagine if you could see what you were getting into before you walked into Starbucks. IntheGlo is helping to make those situations a whole lot better. Need a roommate? Upload a personal visit about yourself! Looking for a roommate? Browse videos of your peers and connect with them via their own personal IntheGlo page! Don’t start a shady email chain, actually see each other before the first meeting. With IntheGlo ‘s service pages you can find a roommate, someone to fix a light bulb or even organize your closet, but most importantly, you can see who will be walking into your apartment long before they get there. See ya later creeps!

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