The Power of Video: Christian the Lion

Ironically, just last night a friend was recounting this “Christian The LionYoutube video that moved her to tears. I didn’t belive any Youtube video had that power, until I actually watched it. If you are not famaliar with the clip, it is the story of two friends who send their pet lion cub, Christian, back into the wild only to seek him out years later in the African jungle. When they find Christian he leaves his pack and comes charging towards the two guys. Thinking I have just been set up for the most horrific video ever, I cringed until the grown lion actually starts licking and hugging his former owners– all the while the short video is set to Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”! If you thought the last scene of the Bodyguard was emotional– you have not seen “Christian The Lion“. Christian’s owners were actually on the Today Show this morning talking about this! While here at IntheGlo, we don’t expect you to move people to tears over your fantastic products, but we do you want you to realize the power of video. LIGHTS! CAMERA! SELL!

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