Here She Is!

Lindsey Port, creator of intheglo

Lindsey Port, creator of intheglo

Hello all IntheGloers! Welcome to IntheGlo or better known as my baby. I conceived the concept of InthegGo while trying to sell a Louis Vuitton belt on Ebay. One of my bidders wanted me to prove that the belt was actually real– keep in mind I had already paid to post three different pictures of the dumb belt– yet, my buyer still insisted on seeing the “Made in Spain” stamp engraved on the back of the buckle. First of all, it’s “Made in France” and second, trying to get the tiny stamp to show up using an 8 mega-pixel digital camera is next to impossible! After 20 minutes I gave up and just sent the bidder what I had regardless of how clear the stamp was– so over it! Later that day I was waiting for the 6 train (so Jenny from the block of me!) when I started thinking: I wish I could just upload a video showing all angles and details and, then, Voila! IntheGlo was born! Opening it up, I even want people to be able to sell their services. I hope everyone finds IntheGlo to be easy, user-friendly, fun, entertaining and most of all HELPFUL! We are creating this platform with every penny in our pockets so that anyone who has had a similar experience with other shopping/selling sites never have to deal with that again. Finally, sellers can sit back, relax and enjoy the GLO! Lights. Camera. Sell! xx LP


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