Monthly Archives: August 2008

It’s All In The Name

Designers like Prada, Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin don’t need ads to sell fast. Even at their ridiculous prices, their products never seem to struggle. I can’t afford those red sole shoes, but if $600 happened to fall from the sky I’d gladly walk right into Bergdorfs and come out with a pair. If your looking to sell off your old supply of designer gear, your in luck! It’s not going to take much “selling” to get rid of your half-off Chanel blazer. I know I won’t need much convincing especially with IntheGlo videos. On ebay, it is so easy to get scammed, but with live video you can show you clients the seal of authenticity and every inch of the product. But, if you aren’t peddling your “gently used” Manolos, it’s going to take a bit more effort from you. It isn’t enough to just show off a great product, you have to really sell it and convince people they can’t live without it. While Louboutin doesn’t need the help this video takes a news format to inform viewers of the shoes’ high quality. Show that quality triumphs over quantity. IntheGlo gives you the power to make Cinderella switch from glass slippers to Louboutin shoes. Isn’t that a dream come true?


Don’t Be This Guy: How Not To Sell By Video

Here at IntheGlo we are encouraging everyone who has something to sell, to have some fun and create their own commercial. Televison ads are so much more successful than print and at IntheGlo you can reach a wider audience, have your commercial playing around the clock and literally skyrocket yourself to an internet sensation if your commercials are memorable enough. You don’t need a catchy phrase or expensive camera to sell your product on IntheGlo, you just need the product and yourself. IntheGlo-ers, we present this video to you in warning: DON’T be the Easy-Off BAM! guy. This video is beyond annoying! On top of hearing BAM every three seconds, his goofy friend and horrible music in the back killed it all for me. I wouldn’t buy anything from this guy no matter what it was. It reminds of an old Quiznos commercial where they use rats to sell sandwiches– because I want to think about rats while I’m eating a sub. IntheGlo-ers we ask you to think before you shoot. Stick to simplicity!

The Power of Video: Heidi Montag

Talking about blasts from the past, the new Heidi Montag music video is sure to give some competition to some of our favorite childhood throwbacks from Tickle-Me Elmo to 90201. The queen of over extending her 15 minutes of fame does it again with another ridiculous music video. We preferred the original version by Olivia Newton John in “Let’s Get Physical”, but who can turn away from Heidi. She might not exactly be talented, but the girl keeps us watching– and talking. Heidi is like an IntheGlo dream seller. You don’t have the flashiest, fanciest, most fantastic product or service, you just need to get people interested. While we don’t suggest you tease your hair and don a leotard to sell your old shoes, having Heidi’s energy and diluted self-importance is a good start to a video that will rocket you to IntheGlo stardom instantly. Remember people, it’s all about having fun and why should we let Heidi be the only one having such a good time?

Go Ahead, Take a Sip!

Before there was online shopping, internet or even computers, a Spanish proverb warned its people “Drink nothing without seeing it; sign nothing without reading it.” Today, with all the amazing things on the internet, we are so quick to enter our memorized credit card number and sign up for something we aren’t really sure exist. I mean, haven’t you ordered something online and then been utterly disappointed when you received it? Maybe the heel appeared smaller, the color was a lot darker, the measurements were way off or something else unsatisfying. Sound familiar? It happens more often than not. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much is a video worth? After all, a video is a 3-D live action shot. Don’t you want to know exactly what you are getting before you type in your validation number? Unlike street lemonade vendors, IntheGlo will make online shoppers happier with every purchase. . No more lame pictures stolen from other sites. Video shopping is the answer to satisfied customers.

Everything Old Is New Again!

Andrea’s mom might not let her sell her Cabage Patch Kids, but I know I am going to be digging through my childhood treasures to fetch a price. It seems that every must-have of our childhood is coming back. Just look at TV! Who would have every thought that 90210 would ever be coming back? Even people who were too young to even know why the show was a big deal are excited for it’s spin-off. The CW has revamped the old show and put it on a line up next to Gossip Girl— a huge prime time time slot. What is it that is drawing this younger generation and our own generation back to this time of scrunchie’s, leg warmers, and Dylan McKay? Perhaps nostalgia. IntheGlo-ers should use this to your advantage. Not only do you get to drag the Baby Alive out of the cellar, but now you have an excuse to play with her. Think about how much fun it would be to get a bunch of friends together and film some videos for IntheGlo! I mean if the CW can market a new 90210, there is definitely someone out there who is willing to pay the big bucks for your original Kelly Taylor, Brenda and Brandon Walsh, Donna Martin and Dylan McKay dolls. Now the only question that remains is are you ready to part with your Easy Bake oven?

Power of Video VII: YouTube’s Zack Scott

During one of my endless YouTube adventures, I came across Zack Scott’s colorful collection of videos. From “Amazing Facts,” “The Dogs” and “Brock and Zack Review the Movies” this guy amazes me. His videos are so simple, but so silly that I spent hours watching his whole archive. Among my favorites was his Homemade Cat Toys. Buying toys to keep your cats occupied can get expensive– especially when their favorite play things are $100 leather purses — but Zack Scott found the answer. Using your cat’s own hair, Zack Scott actually made a toy that doubles as a sofa cleaning. I love it! But even more importantly, IntheGlo-ers need to check out Zack’s short and funny clips that prove making videos does not have to be difficult. Maybe Zack Scott will be selling his homemade cat toys on IntheGlo. Would you buy them?

Quote of the Day: “In the future Everyone will be famous…”

..for fifteen minutes”.– Andy Warhol.

And he was right! I mean who can forget William Hung of American Idol fame? Heidi & Spencer? Paris Hilton? Do I need to say more. Warhol had more than 15 minutes, but could he have been even more legendary today? We think so. Warhol, with his oddball antics, famous friends and pop art, was in a constant state of selling himself. In this short clip, Andy is just some guy who wants to sell pictures, but instead shows how easy it is to use the iconic Polaroid. Let Andy be an example for you IntheGlo-ers. Take advantage of IntheGlo and sell yourself for all your 15 minutes are worth– maybe it will even be longer. IntheGlo gives you the platform so the only question is, are you ready for your 15 minutes?