Power of the Video II: Gossip Girl Promos!

Here at IntheGlo, we are obsessed with Gossip Girl. From the clothes to the steamy hook-ups, we cannot get enough. Promos for Season 2 (starting September 1st) have been making their way all over the Internet, television and billboards lately. After just seconds of these ads, my head was literally exploding! September 1st cannot come fast enough. The most amazing thing about these videos is that they cause such chaos in a matter of seconds. Some commercials are so long you actually get bored and still have no idea what is about to come, but not Gossip Girl. That OMG factor comes in literally seconds! IntheGlo is encouraging you to keep videos short– trust us no one wants to watch 2 minutes of you selling your old shoes. A sexy 30-second clip of you selling them, yes! Remeber sellers, think OMG, think Gossip Girl! And just because it really is that good here’s some more 30-second fun!

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