Must-Have: IPhone Arm

iPhone Arm – Internet Superstar – Watch more free videos

This morning, I found this video on one of my favorite girly tech sites, Geek Sugar. It is hilarious! I’m not sure if this is an actual product or just some video people are laughing at, but I love it. Basically this fake arm holds your IPhone so you can text, visit IntheGlo, make a call, check the weather, program ITunes and more while doing something else like eat breakfast. The video itself is another example of how useful video selling is. If there was just a photo of a fake arm holding an IPhone it wouldn’t be nearly as effective. This video is short, silly and funny– all things you should be thinking about when you make your IntheGlo videos. If you get an IPhone Arm, your video making will be even easier! Check out this video at Geek Sugar and other funny tech videos at What do you think of the IPhone Arm?


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