Love It: My Mom’s Super Cute Baby Booties

Naturally, my mom is one of the biggest IntheGlo supporters. As it turns out, though, her motives are not all proud parent. In fact, my mom is using IntheGlo to sell her own products. While she would never dream of giving away anything that belonged to me or my sister– I kid you not that she still has my first Cabage Patch Doll– she is turning a hobby into a business with the help of IntheGlo. Mom is known for her adorable baby booties. She knits all different styles and colors for friends and family members who are expecting. Some of her specials include, tiny workboots, pink Mary Janes, rollar skates, ice skates and blue sneakers. What’s better is if you can think of a style, she can knit it. Talk about baby’s first custom made shoes! With a video option on IntheGlo my mom can let her potential clients know just how much love goes into making her booties. Unlike ebay she can simply upload her video to sell and even take specific orders from clients. IntheGlo is specializing in products like my mom’s booties– simple, cute and special. So whether it’s your first Cabage Patch Doll– if she let’s me sell it I will be sure to let you know!– or something you enjoy making, the platform is wide open! Stay tuned for a video of mom’s booties. Are you working on your video? How cute is my mom?!

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