Must-Have: USB Snap Bracelet

It’s no secret that we here at IntheGlo are obsessed with Flip Video. It fits in all our purses and is so easy to use. Just the other day I wanted to show my friend this video I shot on her computer when I realized that I forgot my USB connection at home. So annoying– it should come on a string! Seems like our friends at Geek Sugar were thinking the same thing. The tech girls found this super sassy Lisco USB Snap Bracelets. Don’t they make you think of the early 90s? Only this time the bizarre concept of a snap bracelet is actually useful. We love the bold colors and bendable shape. We are definitely getting one to match our snazzy Flip Video.Now we will never forget our USB at home! Seriously, what will they think of next?

One response to “Must-Have: USB Snap Bracelet

  1. What’s next. snap on toilet paper? I love it!

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