Love It: Spotlight Live

Spotlight Live Videos

We are convinced, video is taking over the world– and we aren’t just talking about YouTube. Spotlight Live, one of our favorite regular hotspots, successfully incorporates video into their everyday entertainment strategy. For all of you that aren’t familar, Spotlive Live is a famous Karaoke bar in the heart of Times Square, where you can literally sing on Broadway. What’s better is if your mom or best friend can’t be with you, they can watch you live on the internet. Though we rather not look up our past embarrassing moments on the stage, we do tune in every now and then just to hear the hilarious host and horrible performances. We love this live video feed– it brightens our day every time. While here at IntheGlo, we do not recommend you sing about your products– unless you really do have a good voice–we love that every industry is realizing how much fun video can actually be. I mean what better way to drive traffic then having your friends replaying your rendition of “I Will Survive” over and over at your next birthday party. We can’t think of anything better. Video is all about entertaining and with Spotlight Live’s motto of Eat, Drink and Be Famous, something great has to come out of that. Remember Spotlight Live when you are shooting your IntheGlo cameos– entertain! Lights, Camera, SELL!!!


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