Power of Video V: Heidi Montag on Perez Hilton TV

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Perez Hilton, so what happens when you get all three of them together– on camera? Priceless! We admit it, we are obsessed with Perez Hilton and his new video channel Perez Hilton TV. This video of Heidi Montage selling her new single– with the “help” of Spencer Pratt– is gold! Heidi tries to convince Perezers they should buy her song via iTunes instead of illegally downloading because if you don’t the “FBI will come for you”– thanks Spencer! If there is one video you will watch today, let this be it. Remember IntheGlo-ers, if Heidi and Spencer can do it, so can you.

Check out Heidi selling her single in this exclusive video on Perez Hilton TV— of course with Spencer’s “help”.

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