Video-a-grapher Found! My New 10-Year-Old BFF

When I first upgraded my Samsung Flip Phone to the brand new Blackberry Curve in February, I thought I finally had it all. My phone could pretty much do anything from anywhere. I could surf the web, send and receive emails, black berry message friends, shoot videos, take pictures and much more. After having a cell phone for over 5 years, I finally had one that could do more than just answer calls. Well this past weekend my bubble was burst. Some 10-year-old kid showed me up with his brand spankin’ new iPhone. I didn’t have a cell phone until my senior year in high school, and this little kid gets an iPhone!!?? While proving how much better his phone was, it dawned on me—he is going to shoot my IntheGlo videos! Since he is all phone video savvy and everything. But you get the point, IntheGlo is so easy a kid can do! Whose going to shoot your video?

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