Would You Buy a Worn Wedding Dress on Ebay?

Our friends at Geek Sugar ask their readers this very question. So would you? I took a look at the ads on ebay for the discarded Vera Wangs, Nicole Millers, Carolina Herreras and more and felt so sad. Knowing what designer gowns like these cost (upwards from $10,000) and seeing the $300 price tags next to some of them made me even sadder. Why you want to sell your wedding dress is your own issue, but at least have enough respect for the dress to show it in an appealing light. Hanging it on a plastic hanger in a seedy closet is not what Carolina had in mind when she sketched it. As a shopper you should be even more ashamed to buy something with that kind of presentation. Now imagine if these discarded treasure was made into an IntheGlo video. Imagine actually seeing a girl turn around in her dress, a happy face, the soft flowing of the train etc. It doesn’t have to be the best lighting, but you will see how the dress moves, the perfect lines and hand sewn details. By showing your dress in such a fashion, you might even be able to command more money for it. An IntheGlo film makes your dress come to life more than any photo ever can and by seeing the dress in all it’s glory a buyer will be more apt to hit the “purchase now” button then deal with a bidding war. What do you think?


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