Love It: Covert Spy Camcorder Sunglasses

I’ve been thinking, how am I suppose to sell off all the “stuff” filling up my parents basement if my mother won’t let me near it? I mean what little kid wouldn’t want to play with my old Cabage Patch dolls or my Fisher Price Kitchen set– at this point these things are practically vintage! I was thinking of ways to divert my mother out of the house so I could start making videos, when I came across the Covert Spy Camcorder Sunglasses on Chip Chick— a blog that brings you technology from the girl’s point o f view. Just like our favorite Flip Video, these handy glasses come with a USB that can easily be connected to the computer. While my mother will definitely be a little suspicious of these glasses — when she knows about my Chanel only rule– she will also be so fascinated by them that she won’t even notice I’m getting footage of all the treasures she has hidden in our basement! The Covert Spy glasses, $300, are a bit more than Flip Video, but just as cool. What do you think? Would you shoot your IntheGlo video with the Covert Spy Glasses?


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