Power of Video VI: Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is the ultimate throwback to the 90s. And even when it was at it’s peak, I still couldn’t get behind it. Actually, I thought it was kind of annoying. I mean it tickles! Was that really worth waiting in line at the toy store for 10 hours? But, after stumbling across this video almost 10-years-later, I have finally come to appreciate the Tickle Me Elmo. I never realized that it tickled Elmo that much; and for the first time it tickled me too. I would forever have been a Tickle Me Elmo hater if it hadn’t been for this video. If this person could sell Tickle Me Elmo on IntheGlo, not only would I be tempted to cave in and buy it, but I’m convinced he would be a millionaire just selling old Elmos! Seriously, wouldn’t you buy a Tickle Me Elmo after watching this?


One response to “Power of Video VI: Tickle Me Elmo

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