Quote of the Day: “In the future Everyone will be famous…”

..for fifteen minutes”.– Andy Warhol.

And he was right! I mean who can forget William Hung of American Idol fame? Heidi & Spencer? Paris Hilton? Do I need to say more. Warhol had more than 15 minutes, but could he have been even more legendary today? We think so. Warhol, with his oddball antics, famous friends and pop art, was in a constant state of selling himself. In this short clip, Andy is just some guy who wants to sell pictures, but instead shows how easy it is to use the iconic Polaroid. Let Andy be an example for you IntheGlo-ers. Take advantage of IntheGlo and sell yourself for all your 15 minutes are worth– maybe it will even be longer. IntheGlo gives you the platform so the only question is, are you ready for your 15 minutes?

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