Everything Old Is New Again!

Andrea’s mom might not let her sell her Cabage Patch Kids, but I know I am going to be digging through my childhood treasures to fetch a price. It seems that every must-have of our childhood is coming back. Just look at TV! Who would have every thought that 90210 would ever be coming back? Even people who were too young to even know why the show was a big deal are excited for it’s spin-off. The CW has revamped the old show and put it on a line up next to Gossip Girl— a huge prime time time slot. What is it that is drawing this younger generation and our own generation back to this time of scrunchie’s, leg warmers, and Dylan McKay? Perhaps nostalgia. IntheGlo-ers should use this to your advantage. Not only do you get to drag the Baby Alive out of the cellar, but now you have an excuse to play with her. Think about how much fun it would be to get a bunch of friends together and film some videos for IntheGlo! I mean if the CW can market a new 90210, there is definitely someone out there who is willing to pay the big bucks for your original Kelly Taylor, Brenda and Brandon Walsh, Donna Martin and Dylan McKay dolls. Now the only question that remains is are you ready to part with your Easy Bake oven?


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