Power of Video VII: YouTube’s Zack Scott

During one of my endless YouTube adventures, I came across Zack Scott’s colorful collection of videos. From “Amazing Facts,” “The Dogs” and “Brock and Zack Review the Movies” this guy amazes me. His videos are so simple, but so silly that I spent hours watching his whole archive. Among my favorites was his Homemade Cat Toys. Buying toys to keep your cats occupied can get expensive– especially when their favorite play things are $100 leather purses — but Zack Scott found the answer. Using your cat’s own hair, Zack Scott actually made a toy that doubles as a sofa cleaning. I love it! But even more importantly, IntheGlo-ers need to check out Zack’s short and funny clips that prove making videos does not have to be difficult. Maybe Zack Scott will be selling his homemade cat toys on IntheGlo. Would you buy them?

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