The Power of Video: Heidi Montag

Talking about blasts from the past, the new Heidi Montag music video is sure to give some competition to some of our favorite childhood throwbacks from Tickle-Me Elmo to 90201. The queen of over extending her 15 minutes of fame does it again with another ridiculous music video. We preferred the original version by Olivia Newton John in “Let’s Get Physical”, but who can turn away from Heidi. She might not exactly be talented, but the girl keeps us watching– and talking. Heidi is like an IntheGlo dream seller. You don’t have the flashiest, fanciest, most fantastic product or service, you just need to get people interested. While we don’t suggest you tease your hair and don a leotard to sell your old shoes, having Heidi’s energy and diluted self-importance is a good start to a video that will rocket you to IntheGlo stardom instantly. Remember people, it’s all about having fun and why should we let Heidi be the only one having such a good time?

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