Don’t Be This Guy: How Not To Sell By Video

Here at IntheGlo we are encouraging everyone who has something to sell, to have some fun and create their own commercial. Televison ads are so much more successful than print and at IntheGlo you can reach a wider audience, have your commercial playing around the clock and literally skyrocket yourself to an internet sensation if your commercials are memorable enough. You don’t need a catchy phrase or expensive camera to sell your product on IntheGlo, you just need the product and yourself. IntheGlo-ers, we present this video to you in warning: DON’T be the Easy-Off BAM! guy. This video is beyond annoying! On top of hearing BAM every three seconds, his goofy friend and horrible music in the back killed it all for me. I wouldn’t buy anything from this guy no matter what it was. It reminds of an old Quiznos commercial where they use rats to sell sandwiches– because I want to think about rats while I’m eating a sub. IntheGlo-ers we ask you to think before you shoot. Stick to simplicity!

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