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What Should You Do With Your Old Prom Dress? Sell It!

In my closet I have this amazingly beautiful prom dress. It is light yellow, with gold lace accents, strapless…. can you see it? It’s designer! Jessica McClintock to be exact. Still not convinced? Me either. With Intheglo, I would be able to show you the dress, it’s size and label to show you its authenticity. If your like me and not sentimental about it, you will want to sell your old prom dress too.
That’ considering you probably paid a bit more than expected to look good on prom night– wouldn’t it be cool to get some of that back. And really, wouldn’t you rather want the extra money for all the fun college activities you’ll be doing?


Sell Your Car On IntheGlo!

We all want to drive nice cars. But what is so special about the cars we see on television? The company tells us how it drives, how fast it can go, and probably how many people can fit into it. The special features are usually what go into a car commercial, but is that enough to get us to buy the car? Most new car commercials tell us the starting price of the car. Which means theres absolutely nothing in it. You would probably have to pay more for something you would think that comes standard, like keyless entry. However, if you want to sell your used car, you can show members of IntheGlo what’s in the car, the condition of the car, and what they are paying for. I would rather buy a car I know has everything I want, than have to pay hundreds more for what the company deems as non-standard features. With video, the seller can show every perfection or imperfection of the car, and you might find exactly what you are looking for.

Nanny Caught Dancing to “Soulja Boy”

“The beauty of IntheGlo is that you can virtually meet who is coming to take care of your loved ones. Unlike craigs list, where you could end up with a careless nanny more concerned with learning the Soulja Boy dance.”

Official Launch Date: October 15th!

Hey IntheGlo-ers,

Hope you are getting your videos ready, because we are going to be ready for your uploads as soon as October 15th! That’s right, pretty soon you will be able to upload your video listing and connect with other video shoppers right here on And if that wasn’t cool enough, you will get a FREE, yup as in $0, listing of up to 30 seconds. And like we said before, if you can’t sell your old Cabage Patch Doll in 30 Seconds, then you are never going to be able to. Stay Tuned for a fun promo video starring our biggest IntheGlo supporter, Billy. (fyi he is a cutie too!) Remember kids, IntheGlo is all about having fun. It’s time for your 30 seconds of fame! Tell us, what do you think of our Glo face?


Glo Team

Sell It: Vintage Video Games!

Nintendo was the first game system I ever played. Even today, it will be the only game system I am loyal to. I mean the Wii is cool, but nothing beats primitative video games. Remember Mario Brothers, Paperboy, and Duckhunt? Do you still have those games? Wouldn’t you love to sell these collectibles? Well, how can you prove they still work? With IntheGlo, you can prove your game is still in tip top shape with a simple video. Easier that getting past level four in Paperboy, right? Never get scammed into buying a broken video game again. Then maybe you’ll get the Princess to give Mario a kiss.

Learn from the Experts: Selling on Video!

This might look like just a juicer, but it can be so much more. Sure, the color is pretty and would like really great a pastel kitchen, but what can it do? Would you ever buy a juicer just from a picture? Probably not. But if you could see what it actually did then maybe you would consider that right?Infomercials have been around since, well, TV first started to catch on and have proven repeatedly to be the most successful way of peddelling something useless. I mean how many of you have bought a ped egg? While preparing your IntheGlo video, think infomercial, think QVC. While you don’t have to be soooo boring, added humor always helps, take a note from the professionals. Don’t just showcase your products, sell them! And for some inspiration, check out the juicer video here.

Finding a Nanny has Never Been Easier!

Would you hire someone to take care of your kids simply by reading a resume? Really, how much can you actually learn about a person from a piece of paper? Sure, you can have a great on the phone conversation with someone, but then they show up to your house dressed in black leather with a dog collar and scare little Tyler upon sight. Sounds like a dream situation right? Now if only you could see the person you are opening your house up to before they walk through your door… well, now you can. Different from Craigslist, IntheGlo-ers can use video to really sell themselves. With IntheGlo you will be sure to find someone who meets your standards before they set foot in your house. IntheGlo’s service section doesn’t just offer you the best and most reliable way to find someone to take care of baby Tyler, but it helps service people market themselves better. So next time you need a sitter, get INTHEGLO.