Diamonds Are A Sellers Worst Nightmare

Marilyn Monroe said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This statement is a fact for many women (me being one of them). A diamond’s sparkle has a way of hypnotizing and entrancing us girls. And the shinier they are, the more desirable they become. So if you were selling diamonds, wouldn’t you want to play on the clarity and sparkle of it? While looking for the right accessory to match my next party outfit, I stumbled upon these lifeless rocks. The earrings seem like they have so much potential, but without the right tools, these diamonds won’t catch anyone’s eyes. It’s hard to capture how magnificant they could be in a simple picture. With a video, the quality of these earring could really shine through–literally. IntheGlo has the power to help you bring life to any object. With a video, these earrings could sell in no time.


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