Sarah Palin and Soccer Moms NEED To Get INTHEGLO!

We aren’t sure if you have been following the election (you should be!), but something sparked our interest while listening to Sarah Palin speak– and it wasn’t the fact that her husband was a professional snow mobile racer. Sarah Palin uses eBay? We wonder how she has time to run a campaign, raise 5 children and get her hair so perfectly coiffed, but throwing in eBay? IntheGlo would make the lives of busy women like Sarah Palin so much simplier. It would even entertain their brod of children! Making videos is def a fun family activity. Why not get the younger ones thinking like business women from the beginning? IntheGlo is a great place to try out any talent you might be developing. From acting, to speaking to sewing– anything is possible. Moms, help your kids their 15 minites early.

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