Finding a Nanny has Never Been Easier!

Would you hire someone to take care of your kids simply by reading a resume? Really, how much can you actually learn about a person from a piece of paper? Sure, you can have a great on the phone conversation with someone, but then they show up to your house dressed in black leather with a dog collar and scare little Tyler upon sight. Sounds like a dream situation right? Now if only you could see the person you are opening your house up to before they walk through your door… well, now you can. Different from Craigslist, IntheGlo-ers can use video to really sell themselves. With IntheGlo you will be sure to find someone who meets your standards before they set foot in your house. IntheGlo’s service section doesn’t just offer you the best and most reliable way to find someone to take care of baby Tyler, but it helps service people market themselves better. So next time you need a sitter, get INTHEGLO.

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