Learn from the Experts: Selling on Video!

This might look like just a juicer, but it can be so much more. Sure, the color is pretty and would like really great a pastel kitchen, but what can it do? Would you ever buy a juicer just from a picture? Probably not. But if you could see what it actually did then maybe you would consider that right?Infomercials have been around since, well, TV first started to catch on and have proven repeatedly to be the most successful way of peddelling something useless. I mean how many of you have bought a ped egg? While preparing your IntheGlo video, think infomercial, think QVC. While you don’t have to be soooo boring, added humor always helps, take a note from the professionals. Don’t just showcase your products, sell them! And for some inspiration, check out the juicer video here.

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