Monthly Archives: October 2008

Start Your Christmas Shopping on IntheGlo!

My boyfriend has already let me know what he wants for the holidays– a Playstation 3. The endless hours of Madden already make me want to call it quits, but then I saw the new Guitar Hero commercial… and if I can get my boyfriend to play the guitar in his cute little boxers and a button down… I might reconsider. The only problem is, I am a proud owner of the first Rock Band so in order to make my puppy’s Christmas morning dreams come through, I am going to need to sell it on IntheGlo. My boyfriend is no Alex Rodriguez— or even Michael Phelps for that matter– but he is still looks cute in his boxers. I’m filming the video now with my Flip Video, but in the meantime, enjoy this sexy one.


Find It: A Roommate on IntheGlo

For anyone that has ended up with a roommate that is incompatible to themselves, Intheglo can be the answer to your problems. By using Intheglo to find your next roommate, you can virtually meet who you are going to be living with. Unlike Craigslist, you don’t just search around faceless ads looking for a roommate, instead the advertisement comes with a face and the ability to get to know this person through Intheglo’s social network. Next time you will find a roommate that likes to break it down with Chris Brown as much as you.

Website Envy: Rich & Skinny Jeans

Jean shopping always has me asking the same questions: How does my butt look in this pair? Does this fade make my thighs look wide? Does the fly pull? Should I go down a size since I am sure they will stretch? You get the point. Well, one of my favorite jean companies has answered all my questions– and I don’t even have to go to the store and try them on! Rich & Skinny has launched a new website that shows off all its denim styles — from super skinny to super wide– by video! Not to mention they have scripted a whole show around their Rich & Skinny concept that includes, yup you guessed it Rich & Skinny people. We love it! Take a look at their site, get into their show and shop by video!

Sell It: Computer Accessories!

Has your computer ever crashed on you before you had the time to back it up on an external hard drive? Don’t be one of the many people who lose every document and photo they have ever saved on their computer by not backing it up. With Intheglo you can buy and sell many new and used computer accessories, such as an external hard drive, and with the Flip video camera you can make sure that what you are buying or selling is not too used and end up with an unhappy customer that returns your product.

In Case You Missed It: Sarah Palin on SNL

We are addicted to SNL’s election coverage. Though it is not really IntheGlo related, we think you should be paying attention. So just in case you missed the real Sarah Palin on SNL we are bringing you the video– now you have no excuse. Hope you are registered to vote!

We Love It: Britney Spears Meets Gossip Girl

By now, you know that we are obsessed with both Britney Spears and Gossip Girl so imagine our delight when we found this video that combined them both! Enjoy IntheGlo-ers! And how much more do you love Chuck Bass? Someone should create a line of ascots and sell them online in honor of our beloved Chuck.

Talk To Your Parents About John McCain

You know the videos, the ones that tell your parents that they should talk to you about drugs and smoking and other really bad things– well maybe it is time you talk to your parents.. about who they are voting for. Take a note from The Greastest Show Of Our Time (we love fyi), Gossip Girl, and talk to them. Don’t be scared,you can do it! Watch the Video!!!