Sell It: Your House!

When it comes to apartment shopping, raise your hand if you’ve ever been played a fool on Craigslist. I know there are a lot of hands up, because I have fallen prey one too many times. Let’s play a little game. I am looking for a two bedroom apartment, with kitchen and living room, and bedrooms big enough for full beds and furniture in each in Manhattan. “In Manhattan” is key here. Not 145th Street and Amsterdam or Morningside Heights or Park Slope. No, I am talking about full out, subway service, cabs outside my door, bodega at the corner Manhattan. None of this calling a black cab 20 mins to departure time crap. At any given time there are over 1,000 such options on craigslist, but on further investigation, every listing has the same photos, same contact and whoops a huge hidden fee. Like why should I pay you for posting a two sentence description that is inaccurate. Great view, yeah right of the air shaft maybe! Lots of light, yea from the overhead fixtures! Spacious rooms, um ok if that means lofting my bed till my nose touches the ceiling sure! We are so sick of apartment shopping like this! Wouldn’t it just be so much better if renters made videos? Then we could actually see the place as appose to trekking all the way up to 79th and York in the pouring rain to see some junk railroad style apartment? IntheGlo is helping to ensure that you never go through this again. Take a virtual tour right from your couch. Now if only getting the security deposit was so simple…..

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