Looking For A Drunk Adult Clown for B-Day Party!

I always hate opening my AIM, that stupid AIM welcome screen comes up, takes an hour to load all its annoying head lines– you know what I mean. Very rare do any of the blue highlighted story titles catch my eye, until today: “Weirdest Craigslist Ads”. Okay, I’ll admit, I clicked it. I was taken to asylum.com where I was greated with a gallery of boring ads “Looking for Sarah Palin Look-a-Likes,” “Chris Hansen Look-a-Likes”, “Dicken’s Christmas Carolers”– I knew I had been tricked into something stupid, then I came across the couple seeking a drunken clown for a B-day party. That is hilarious! Now, just imagine the clown that shows up. Considering there is a market for this, maybe you should be working on your best drunk clown impression– it could make you a few extra bucks and score you some free drinks. At IntheGlo, we offer all you drunk clowns a platform to showcase your talents. Get to work!

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