Website Envy: Rich & Skinny Jeans

Jean shopping always has me asking the same questions: How does my butt look in this pair? Does this fade make my thighs look wide? Does the fly pull? Should I go down a size since I am sure they will stretch? You get the point. Well, one of my favorite jean companies has answered all my questions– and I don’t even have to go to the store and try them on! Rich & Skinny has launched a new website that shows off all its denim styles — from super skinny to super wide– by video! Not to mention they have scripted a whole show around their Rich & Skinny concept that includes, yup you guessed it Rich & Skinny people. We love it! Take a look at their site, get into their show and shop by video!

2 responses to “Website Envy: Rich & Skinny Jeans

  1. i love this site! the music rocks and i just let it play while i am working, i mean hanging out on my laptop. uh huh her is my fave and is set to tour… check ’em out. they rock the sleek jeans i heard.

  2. sex, adultery, it’s just so LA i have to love it. we joke and poke fun at it all but it works some how and some way for sure. from christian on the billboards all over town to audrina patridge launching her new denim line… give me more Rich& Skinny.

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