Monthly Archives: November 2008

All the Single Ladies Get IntheGlo!

Are you having cold feet about making your IntheGlo video? Here at IntheGlo, we don’t believe in being camera shy. I mean look at cubby here. We love that he had the guts to do this. I mean hairy back and all, he shook it for the camera in a leotard! We love it! While we don’t suggest you don a leotard to sell your Destiny Child dolls, we suggest you make the most of your camera time. Have fun!


Flip Video Goes Hi Def!


It is no secret that we here at IntheGlo are obsessed with the Flip Video. I mean pocket video camera is there anything cooler? Actually yea, there is– pocket hi-def video camera! Just last week, Flip Video released there Flip Mino HD. It is sleek, shiny and skinny and a must-have. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and we have to tell you, it makes our old flip video look like a Zac Morris cell phone. And if its size, quality and appearance wasn’t enough to sell us, the Flip Mino HD can actually be personalized! You heard me, you can actually order a Flip Video that has a picture of you on it! Wait, that’s not all– the Flip Mino HD is just $229! Click here to buy yours now.

Calling All Barbie Girls: IntheGlo Is Helping You Collect

If your a Barbie girl like I am and have collected Barbie dolls since you were a little girl then Intheglo is here to help expand your collection. Many times in the past I have attempted to purchase rare collectible Barbie dolls– any have a 96′ Holiday Barbie?– from websites like Ebay and ended up being sent a not only used but destroyed doll that was detailed on the site as in “mint condition.” Intheglo stands apart from other online marketplaces because relies on video not pictures. So when a customer is debating on whether to get that Holiday Barbie they can see first-hand what kind of condition it is in. So the next time you are looking for a collectable item, turn to Intheglo!

Saved By Zero: Toyota Commercial Success

Two days after Football Sunday, I am still humming that annoying “Saved by Zero” Toyota commercial. By the time I get it out of my head, Sunday comes rolling around again. And, it is not just me– my boyfriend literally hums it every were he goes! It is annoying, but it is also a very effective commercial. Though I am not in the market to buy a car I know that right now Toyota is offering 0% APR and that seems important. So IntheGlo-ers, learn from the experts– what is your tag line going to be?

Would You Pay $50,000 for Pooh Bear?


I mean who doesn’t love Pooh Bear. He’s cozy and silly and everything about childhood we wish we could take with us to adulthood, but $50,000? Even if we had the cash, we aren’t sure we would dish it out, but for a German telephone bidder at a London auction, $50k was nothing if it made his wife happy. The original drawing of A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh , Tiger and Piglet surpassed all expectations. Wonder what Mr. German telephone bidder did to his wife that he needs to make it up with a $50,000 plate? Though you probably won’t find an original Pooh drawing on IntheGlo, there will be plenty of other Pooh and friend goodies. Wait until you see my never-been-worn fuzzy slippers! They are so cozy and cute you will have to add them to your Holiday wish list! Now, get out your Pooh gear and cameras and start your listing– maybe some Belgium guy needs to make it up to his wife and will offer you a few grand for a bought-in-Disney-World Pooh T-Shirt.

Find Your Elle Woods On IntheGlo!

Looking for great legal advice? If Craigslist has proved (again!) to be completely untrustworthy in this area, have no fear, IntheGlo is here. With no pictures and a shady line of text you have probably ended up meeting some overweight sketchy lawyer working out of a take-out joint in Chinatown. Sound familiar? With Intheglo, you are able to virtually meet and interview who you are planning on hiring. Before even leaving your house, you will be able to converse with your legal aid through Intheglo’s social network. With IntheGlo, you will be able find a lawyer that is as loyal as a Delta Nu just like Elle Woods.

Sarah Palin’s $150,000 Wardrobe: Sell It On IntheGlo!


So now that the votes are in, the question remains: Sarah Palin what are you going to do with that $150,000 wardrobe? You can’t keep it– didn’t the Republican Party pay for it? We know you aren’t going to give it to Michelle Obama— she has been wearing American designers like Narciso Rodriguez and high street stores like H&M and White House Black Markert. Cindy McCain wouln’t be caught dead in your cast-offs and let’s face it, Mrs. Biden has more style than you could ever dream of, so what are you going to do with them? Sarah, we may hate your politics, but your acting skills kept us in stitches… sell your cast-offs on IntheGlo! Please! Not only will you be helping our start-up business, but you will also be helping all the people on our video network get some recognition. I mean Sarah if we have you, it’s only a matter of time before the New York Times writes about IntheGlo. Make your first switch to the Democratic Party by helping us out. By-the-way, if someone gives you $150,000 to spend on suits, you go to Chanel, not Neiman’s. I guess they didn’t teach you that in Wasilla.