Sarah Palin’s $150,000 Wardrobe: Sell It On IntheGlo!


So now that the votes are in, the question remains: Sarah Palin what are you going to do with that $150,000 wardrobe? You can’t keep it– didn’t the Republican Party pay for it? We know you aren’t going to give it to Michelle Obama— she has been wearing American designers like Narciso Rodriguez and high street stores like H&M and White House Black Markert. Cindy McCain wouln’t be caught dead in your cast-offs and let’s face it, Mrs. Biden has more style than you could ever dream of, so what are you going to do with them? Sarah, we may hate your politics, but your acting skills kept us in stitches… sell your cast-offs on IntheGlo! Please! Not only will you be helping our start-up business, but you will also be helping all the people on our video network get some recognition. I mean Sarah if we have you, it’s only a matter of time before the New York Times writes about IntheGlo. Make your first switch to the Democratic Party by helping us out. By-the-way, if someone gives you $150,000 to spend on suits, you go to Chanel, not Neiman’s. I guess they didn’t teach you that in Wasilla.


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