Would You Pay $50,000 for Pooh Bear?


I mean who doesn’t love Pooh Bear. He’s cozy and silly and everything about childhood we wish we could take with us to adulthood, but $50,000? Even if we had the cash, we aren’t sure we would dish it out, but for a German telephone bidder at a London auction, $50k was nothing if it made his wife happy. The original drawing of A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh , Tiger and Piglet surpassed all expectations. Wonder what Mr. German telephone bidder did to his wife that he needs to make it up with a $50,000 plate? Though you probably won’t find an original Pooh drawing on IntheGlo, there will be plenty of other Pooh and friend goodies. Wait until you see my never-been-worn fuzzy slippers! They are so cozy and cute you will have to add them to your Holiday wish list! Now, get out your Pooh gear and cameras and start your listing– maybe some Belgium guy needs to make it up to his wife and will offer you a few grand for a bought-in-Disney-World Pooh T-Shirt.

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