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Mini Steve Jobs–So Cute!

Our friends over at Geek Sugar found this adorable picture of a little boy dressed up as Apple CEO Steve Jobs–complete with an iPhone! We are huge fans of Mr. Jobs and can’t wait to partner with Apple (we hope you are listing Mr. Jobs! iPhone application maybe?) eventually. So after the awww factor, we came up with a great idea! If you hate being on camera, get someone cute like this little boy to star in your IntheGlo videos. Who wouldn’t buy something from someone so cute? I know I would. Wouldn’t you? And just maybe you might find the beginnings of a star.


Craigslist Gets Photos!


I have always applauded Craigslist for staying cool. Here is a site that almost everyone I know has used at one point or another and yet it is as basic and primitive as websites can get. Looking for an apartment? Find your city, click apartments and scroll numerous one-line descriptions of properties in your area- easy right? Sure, it was as easy as could be, but 5 out 10 times the apartment listed was not what you would see. So now, the indie too-cool-for-school website is adding photos. Yup, you can add photos to your apartment listing and product listing. While I haven’t tried it yet to work out the logistics, it seems like even Craigslist is taking the next step. Though we are a lot younger, we skipped the picture step and went right to video. I mean wouldn’t you rather take a tour than view flat pictures anyway?

IntheGlo on MySpace– Coming Soon!

Fellow Glo-ers, we will be launching a MySapce┬áIntheGlo Page this week! Since myspace did come first, some do prefer and have stayed loyal to it over Facebook, we figured why not have the best of both worlds? The page will post updates about IntheGlo, links to our blog as well as Glo codes and exclusive events! Keep an eye out and be sure to add IntheGlo as a friend so you don’t miss out! If you aren’t a MySpacer check out our Facebook page here. Make sure to join and tell some friends. We need your help to spread the GLO!

IntheGlo Bloopers- Not Only Do You Make $$$ on IntheGlo, it’s a $hitload of Fun Too!

I was helping my friend shoot her videos today for IntheGlo with her adorable teacup Yorkie, Dylan. At one point, we were both hysterical with tears dripping down our faces over how hard we were laughing. Not only can you make $$$ on IntheGlo, there is no way to sell that is more entertaining than this! How friggin’ cute is Dyl!!

Even Stars Are Selling by Video!

When David Arquette and Ben Harper wanted to launch their new clothing line, they did something almost unheard of– they showed it on My Space! With their My Space video, everyone gets a front row seat! Take a nod from these guys and launch your line on IntheGlo. Grab some friends and make some video– what better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Check out their video on MySpace now.

** Look for IntheGlo on MySpace soon

IntheGlo is Hiring Interns

Job Title: Blog Editor & Viral Distributor
Location: New York, NY or anywhere as long as you are reliable
Salary: unpaid
Hours: 20+ per week
Start Date: ASAP

Job Description:
IntheGlo is the first online marketplace where anyone, anywhere can sell anything from products to services through personal infomercial-type video listings.

IntheGlo is looking for a college or post-graduate student to intern with us full-time during the summer. Can start immediatey if available. Can work from anywhere.

IntheGlo’s blog is geared towards readers interested in the culture of buying and selling online, finding unique products and a new way of approaching service providers, as well as for members who need site news and how-tos.

In this internship you will gain the following but not limited to experience:

*Working for a web company with a very passionate staff.
*Editorial perspective where many different types of readers are brought to bear.
*Visual merchandising and branding consideration
*Professional and collaborative work-flow at a young internet company.

*Proof, edit for content and style, graphics layout and merchandise posts. (WordPress makes this very user friendly)
*Outreach with Content and Marketing Team to syndicate content to like-minded blogs and websites.
*Target pitches to the InthGlo community.
*Contribute original writing to our blog.
*Drive traffic through various online networking outlets

*Previous experience in online or print editorial, copy-editing, writing, researching and reporting preferred but not necessary.
*Previous experience with photo editing. Great Photoshop skills a plus but not necessary.
*Professional and inter-personal communication skills in dealing with online communities, as well as co-workers.
*Previous outreach, networking experience.
*Self-motivated in completing projects
*Creative thinker. Ability to pitch our team with new ideas
*Detail-oriented with very high standards
*Passionate about blogging and new media content
*Career goals at the intersection of editorial, new media and online communities.
*Do-it-yourself attitude a must!
*A strong appreciation for our vision and concept

How to Apply:
In a cover letter please explain why you are a good candidate to intern for IntheGlo and why you want to come work for us. Please propose an idea for 1) A blog post for IntheGlo’s blog 2) A comment you would post in an online forum that would draw traffic and interest to our site without coming across as a direct advertisement.

Please attach your resume, specifying your experience with blogging, copy editing, Photoshopping and merchandising and send to

For more info:

Cisco Adds Flip Video To Its Family!


Last week, it was announced that Cisco Systems, the world’s largest maker of switches and routers that power the Internet, had bought Pure Digital Technologies, the parent company of Flip Video. Adding the increasingly popular Flip Video to their family, Cisco is becoming a major player in the consumer electronics market. “We share the same vision about how video can change the world,” Ned Hooper, senior vice president of Cisco’s Corporate Development and Consumer Groups, said in a phone interview to CNET. “The power of what Pure Digital has done with the Flip Video product is that they have integrated software and the Internet experience into the product in such a way that it allows people to share, publish and easily get access to video. And that really fits with Cisco’s vision of visual networking.” We couldn’t agree with Mr. Hooper more. We love using the Flip to make IntheGlo listings because it is fast and easy. With the help of Flip, you can create your listing in under 15 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Get all the scoop on Cisco’s purchase of Flip at