A Star is Born… IntheGlo Opens up to the Public w/ a Soft Launch

We are proud to finally welcome you to IntheGlo! After almost a year, it’s time to get IntheGlo. In case you forgot, IntheGlo is the first and only virtual marketplace where you can sell items or promote services through unique video listings. Think YouTube meets eBay and Craigslist! Because photos and text are simply not enough, IntheGlo enables you to actually make your pitch online. Think of it as your very own personal infomercial.

Since we consider you our nearest and dearest, we are going to offer you unlimited free listings. That’s right, you will be able to list your items or services absolutely free for a limited time! Since registering is also free, you won’t have to spend a dime. Just enter the unique Glo code below at checkout.

GLO CODE: 0309

We haven’t worked all the kinks out yet, but we need you to help us find them. Keep in mind, we are in beta phase and certain areas are still being developed. We want IntheGlo to be a fun and easy way to buy and sell online. Your opinion means a lot to us. Feel free to email us any questions, comments, concerns, problems or suggestions at feedback@intheglo.com.

Don’t waste another second—start cleaning house.! It’s time to turn those old dust collectors into cash and let go on intheglo. Please head over to http://www.intheglo.com and create your listings. We promise it will take under 5 minutes to get your item or service live.

With Gloing Regards,

Lindsey & Andrea

One response to “A Star is Born… IntheGlo Opens up to the Public w/ a Soft Launch

  1. Hello,
    intheglo.wordpress.com – da best. Keep it going!

    Have a nice day

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