Cisco Adds Flip Video To Its Family!


Last week, it was announced that Cisco Systems, the world’s largest maker of switches and routers that power the Internet, had bought Pure Digital Technologies, the parent company of Flip Video. Adding the increasingly popular Flip Video to their family, Cisco is becoming a major player in the consumer electronics market. “We share the same vision about how video can change the world,” Ned Hooper, senior vice president of Cisco’s Corporate Development and Consumer Groups, said in a phone interview to CNET. “The power of what Pure Digital has done with the Flip Video product is that they have integrated software and the Internet experience into the product in such a way that it allows people to share, publish and easily get access to video. And that really fits with Cisco’s vision of visual networking.” We couldn’t agree with Mr. Hooper more. We love using the Flip to make IntheGlo listings because it is fast and easy. With the help of Flip, you can create your listing in under 15 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Get all the scoop on Cisco’s purchase of Flip at


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