Craigslist Gets Photos!


I have always applauded Craigslist for staying cool. Here is a site that almost everyone I know has used at one point or another and yet it is as basic and primitive as websites can get. Looking for an apartment? Find your city, click apartments and scroll numerous one-line descriptions of properties in your area- easy right? Sure, it was as easy as could be, but 5 out 10 times the apartment listed was not what you would see. So now, the indie too-cool-for-school website is adding photos. Yup, you can add photos to your apartment listing and product listing. While I haven’t tried it yet to work out the logistics, it seems like even Craigslist is taking the next step. Though we are a lot younger, we skipped the picture step and went right to video. I mean wouldn’t you rather take a tour than view flat pictures anyway?


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