Do You Download Apps to Your Phone?


Let’s face it, we are a society that likes to be connected no matter where we are. Remember the last time you took a long flight? You couldn’t get your emails, check the DOW, bbm your friends, shop online etc. If you are anything like me, you turned your phone as soon as the plane hit pavement. Hell, I didn’t even wait the captain to give the command! My Blackberry was on and I was emailing away as I gathered my luggage from the over head and shoved my way out of the plane. With all the time we spend on our phones, some have turned theirs into pocket-sized computers–We don’t blame you, it beats having to lug the laptop around–but looking at the ten most downloaded apps at the Apple App store, I have to wonder are these really necessary? The top ten downloaded apps include: Flight Control, At Bat, Zombieville USA, Wolfstein 3D, 3D Brick Breakers, Sully’s Flight, Flick Fishing, iFitness and Parking Lot. I think I know what just two of those are. So we what to know: what apps have you downloaded?

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