Craigslist Suspect Taken into Custody!

Just last week, a young girl ended up dead after meeting someone who answered her Craigslist ad. Julissa Brisman, a 22-year-old student, was offering her massages, but one of her clients had something else in mind. The Ne Yorker traveled to Boston here she met her end in a hotel. Our hearts go out to her and her family. Julissa wasn’t the only woman who got hurt by another Craigslist user, two other ladies were robbed in New Englad after meeting a man who requested their massage services. More often than not we hear shady stories about Craigslist user meeting each other. Wouldn’t it be easier and SAFER to see these people before meeting them? IntheGlo is going to help this process become safer. Though no one can ever prevent the crazies out there, we can at least can take one more step to ensure the safety of our users. If you don’t like the looks of someone, don’t go. Your gut is always right!

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