Monthly Archives: May 2009

IntheGlo and Nicole Williams Will Help You Save!

IntheGlo is teaming with Nicole Williams help you save now! Learn how to get more free listings and find other deals online at Sign up for Nicole’s membership fee and you can updates on how to save.


Susan Boyle: From YouTube Sensation to Oprah

Susan Boyle captured the world with her sensational performance on Britain’s Got Talent. She got a perm and started wearing lipstick and even traded her dowdy clothes for Burberry causing an international style frenzy. Now the YouTube star has sat down with Oprah. Though she didn’t get a spot on the famous couch, Susan was live via satellite. Check it out now!

Words That Sell

So what should you say in your IntheGlo video? I mean, how many times can you really say “It’s comfortable”, “It’s in good condition”, “Buy It!”? Too much is an over kill. Check out this useful video that gives you some suggestions on “Words That Sell.”

Twitter Founder’s New Start-Up: iPhone Merchant

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is getting ready to embark on something new. His announcement came via Twitter, naturally. Dorsey got the tech world talking with his clever tweet, “Getting ready to embark on something new and entirely different. Excited!” And are we ever! Our friends over at Tech Crunch have some inside info on Dorsey’s next venture. According to Tech Crunch, Dorsey is working on a service that allows anyone with an iPhone to become a merchant. The idea is that this will allow any individual to take credit card payments on a mobile device, kind of like what PayPal does for the web. Interesting. What are your thoughts?

Flip Video Launches New Camera!

When Flip Video launched its HD version for the holiday, we didn’t think it could get better. I mean, a pocket size video cam in HD? That’s about as good as it gets, right? Well, now the HD Flip has gotten an upgrade. Last week, Flip Video launched the Flip Ultra and the Flip UltraHD. The new Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD feature two hours of recording time compared to the 45 mins of last years model, a large high-resolution two-inch screen, and convenient battery recharging through the built-in USB arm. The Flip Ultra is priced at just $149.99, while the Flip UltraHD sells for $199.99. We are going out and buying ours this weekend. What about you? Click here to buy yours right now!

Rainy Day Fun: Make Your IntheGlo Video!

We can’t think of anything better to do on a rainy day then make money without leaving your house. Get your IntheGlo video ready this weekend and start making some cash! Enter the code “0509” at checkout for FREE 30-second listings through the whole month of May. Check out our quick video on selling. We made the whole thing with our Flip HD. See how easy it is to sell on IntheGlo!