Flip Video Launches New Camera!

When Flip Video launched its HD version for the holiday, we didn’t think it could get better. I mean, a pocket size video cam in HD? That’s about as good as it gets, right? Well, now the HD Flip has gotten an upgrade. Last week, Flip Video launched the Flip Ultra and the Flip UltraHD. The new Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD feature two hours of recording time compared to the 45 mins of last years model, a large high-resolution two-inch screen, and convenient battery recharging through the built-in USB arm. The Flip Ultra is priced at just $149.99, while the Flip UltraHD sells for $199.99. We are going out and buying ours this weekend. What about you? Click here to buy yours right now!


One response to “Flip Video Launches New Camera!

  1. This little video camera actually takes better video than I thought It would. Its awesome ! Its so easy to handle . A kid can do it. Its a fun camera, just wish it had more power zoom and I would give it 5 stars . I recommend it for kids and for Adults that don’t like fiddeling with a complicated video camera. We went to a Dodger game in L.A. and everyone was having fun with it. I bought two of them. One for my son and one for me. .

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