IntheGlo is revolutionizing online selling! If you have ever had bad luck buying or selling online, it is all about to change. IntheGlo has created the best possible shopping experience by incorporating video and social networking. Never has online shopping been this easy! With IntheGlo, you never have to write another description again. Simply aim and shoot your web cam, digital camera or cell phone and upload your short video. Think YouTube meets Craigslist and QVC! You do not need to be a professional film maker or even hire one. Buyers will never be tricked again. With no photoshopping, what you see is what you get!

IntheGlo is the brain child of fashionista turned entrepreneur, Lindsey Port. After jumping through hoops to sell on ebay, Lindsey came up with IntheGlo‘s video shopping concept. From there, she enlisted the help of fellow fashion slave and writer, Andrea DeSimone, to help bring her idea to life. With Lindsey’s business savvy and Andrea’s creative genius, the two ladies are building IntheGlo from the ground up. We can’t wait for you to be part of our virtual shopping community!

Lights. Camera. Sell!


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