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Flip Video Launches New Camera!

When Flip Video launched its HD version for the holiday, we didn’t think it could get better. I mean, a pocket size video cam in HD? That’s about as good as it gets, right? Well, now the HD Flip has gotten an upgrade. Last week, Flip Video launched the Flip Ultra and the Flip UltraHD. The new Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD feature two hours of recording time compared to the 45 mins of last years model, a large high-resolution two-inch screen, and convenient battery recharging through the built-in USB arm. The Flip Ultra is priced at just $149.99, while the Flip UltraHD sells for $199.99. We are going out and buying ours this weekend. What about you? Click here to buy yours right now!


Lauren Luke Launches MakeUp Line– All from YouTube Videos!

Lauren Luke is living proof that video is the future of internet ecommerce! Lauren has been a YouTube user since June 2007, she has over 200,000 subscribers to her channel panacea81 and today, she is launching her own make up line: By Lauren Luke. Lauren began by making beauty tutorial videos. She shows how to get Kim Kardashian’s eyes, Kylie Minogue’s look, Lady Gaga’s crazy poker face and more. We love Lauren’s informative and fun videos– it’s no wonder she started her own line. We are sold! Check out all Lauren’s video on her youtube page. Wanna get Lauren’s new makeup? You can pre-order it on We adore Lauren– we hope she gets IntheGlo! Congrats Lauren! You Glo Girl!

IntheGlo Rockstar: Erica Baumwoll!


This weekend, the Glo Girls hosted a mimosa fueled brunch for their gloing friends. A big shout out goes to Erica Baumwoll who made 14 listings! Erica sacrificed a 80 degree sunny day to come over with a garbage filled of gently used shoes. Check out all Erica’s videos here. How cute are her feet?? You Glo Girl!

Think you can make more listings than Erica? If you do, we will blog about you too! Get Gloing!

IntheGlo Bloopers- Not Only Do You Make $$$ on IntheGlo, it’s a $hitload of Fun Too!

I was helping my friend shoot her videos today for IntheGlo with her adorable teacup Yorkie, Dylan. At one point, we were both hysterical with tears dripping down our faces over how hard we were laughing. Not only can you make $$$ on IntheGlo, there is no way to sell that is more entertaining than this! How friggin’ cute is Dyl!!

What We Are Selling: Shiny New Red Headbands


With IntheGlo just about a week old, we already have some really cool items up for sale. Right now, we are loving Lindsey’s shiny red headbands. The bold color stands out in both dark hair or light. With headbands being all the rage right now, you must try one of these– even Blair Waldorf would approve. Wait, you don’t need to read this– just watch the video! And if you really like it, it can be yours for $25. Now isn’t it more fun shopping by video?

Power of Video VII: YouTube’s Zack Scott

During one of my endless YouTube adventures, I came across Zack Scott’s colorful collection of videos. From “Amazing Facts,” “The Dogs” and “Brock and Zack Review the Movies” this guy amazes me. His videos are so simple, but so silly that I spent hours watching his whole archive. Among my favorites was his Homemade Cat Toys. Buying toys to keep your cats occupied can get expensive– especially when their favorite play things are $100 leather purses — but Zack Scott found the answer. Using your cat’s own hair, Zack Scott actually made a toy that doubles as a sofa cleaning. I love it! But even more importantly, IntheGlo-ers need to check out Zack’s short and funny clips that prove making videos does not have to be difficult. Maybe Zack Scott will be selling his homemade cat toys on IntheGlo. Would you buy them?

Power of Video VI: Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is the ultimate throwback to the 90s. And even when it was at it’s peak, I still couldn’t get behind it. Actually, I thought it was kind of annoying. I mean it tickles! Was that really worth waiting in line at the toy store for 10 hours? But, after stumbling across this video almost 10-years-later, I have finally come to appreciate the Tickle Me Elmo. I never realized that it tickled Elmo that much; and for the first time it tickled me too. I would forever have been a Tickle Me Elmo hater if it hadn’t been for this video. If this person could sell Tickle Me Elmo on IntheGlo, not only would I be tempted to cave in and buy it, but I’m convinced he would be a millionaire just selling old Elmos! Seriously, wouldn’t you buy a Tickle Me Elmo after watching this?