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Twitter to Start Charging? Will You Pay?

Rumors have been swirling that Twitter will soon be charging companies for their accounts. But charge for what exactly? According to reports, Dell made over $1 million in sales by using Twitter during this past holiday season. While charging might not affect the average person on Twitter, big companies who tweet might be getting an advertising bill. Twitter is essentially a Facebook status message and Facebook allows more characters. Won’t companies just drop Twitter like a bad habit? We think so. And then will that force Twitter to charge the average Joe? We hope not, but if they do, will you pay to tweet?


You Tube Gets In on the Real-Time Action

With Twitter and FriendFeed taking off, it was just a matter of time before real-time video sharing was made available. Surfing You Tube can be tedious unless you have something specific in mind, but now with You Tube’s new real-time function you and your friends can share videos to each other immediately without having to copy and paste links into IMs or emails. TechCruch took the new You Tube application for a spin. Check it out at the experience at techcrunch.com. Are you going to use You Tube’s Real Time?

Facebook CFO Gideon Yu Is Out!


Some bad news for Facebook today, but some good news for IntheGlo. Facebook CFO Gideon Yu is out of a job. Our friends over at Tech Crunch speculate that “Facebook might want to make an early bid for an IPO and wants a CFO with public company experience”. Well, Gideon, if Facebook doesn’t want you, IntheGlo certainly does! The Wall Street Journal was the first to report this fallout earlier today. Mr. Yu helped the friend-finding site get its 2007 estimated value of $15 billion. Before Facebook, he served as an executive at Yahoo and helped You Tube sell to Google. Mr. Yu, it’s time for you to get IntheGlo!