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IntheGlo Rockstar: Erica Baumwoll!


This weekend, the Glo Girls hosted a mimosa fueled brunch for their gloing friends. A big shout out goes to Erica Baumwoll who made 14 listings! Erica sacrificed a 80 degree sunny day to come over with a garbage filled of gently used shoes. Check out all Erica’s videos here. How cute are her feet?? You Glo Girl!

Think you can make more listings than Erica? If you do, we will blog about you too! Get Gloing!


eBay Users Can Skype


The problem with eBay is that pictures can only do so much talking. I mean you never really know for sure what you are getting. The auction mogul purchased video chat service Skype awhile back for a bucket load of cash and now is allowing its users to Skype back and forth. You can distinguish yourself as a top seller by adding a Skype button and buyers can feel more confident bidding on high price items if they can talk to the seller. Here at IntheGlo, we say forget all that Skype-ing, with video selling you can give your potential clients confidence right off the bat! Now that’s the power of video!.

IntheGlo Lands On Myspace!


We told you it was coming, and now, it is here: IntheGlo has its own MySpace page! Keep a look out for updates on our progress and exclusive Glo codes for all you MySpace users! Be sure to add us to your friend lists, the more friends the merrier! Visit our MySpace page and obtain an exclusive Glo code for one free 30 second item or service listing. Click here for our MySpace Page.

Do You Twitter?

Twitter is taking over the world! Everyone from Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher to Dick Cheney and CNN are “Twittering”. Twitter has even added some new words to the English dictionary! So what is Twitter exactly? For those who are not in the know, Twitter is “a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” In just the past few months, Twitter is taking over the internet. You can “twitter” from your Blackberry, iPhone, work, home and anywhere else. Even IntheGlo is “twittering”! Check out our Twitter and become a follower. We will keep you updated on everything that is going on at IntheGlo. Click here to check us out on Twitter. With constant updates like this, soon everyone will not only be twittering, but “Gloing” too! We want to know, do you twitter??

IntheGlo Update!

We know you are anxious to get your listings IntheGlo– and we have some good news! In just one week you will be able to sign up and sell. If you would like to be part of our test group leave your email in the comments below and we will send you a free listing code. Get your old books, clothes, furniture and everything else you are over and start making those videos! It’s time to get IntheGlo!

Would You Pay $50,000 for Pooh Bear?


I mean who doesn’t love Pooh Bear. He’s cozy and silly and everything about childhood we wish we could take with us to adulthood, but $50,000? Even if we had the cash, we aren’t sure we would dish it out, but for a German telephone bidder at a London auction, $50k was nothing if it made his wife happy. The original drawing of A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh , Tiger and Piglet surpassed all expectations. Wonder what Mr. German telephone bidder did to his wife that he needs to make it up with a $50,000 plate? Though you probably won’t find an original Pooh drawing on IntheGlo, there will be plenty of other Pooh and friend goodies. Wait until you see my never-been-worn fuzzy slippers! They are so cozy and cute you will have to add them to your Holiday wish list! Now, get out your Pooh gear and cameras and start your listing– maybe some Belgium guy needs to make it up to his wife and will offer you a few grand for a bought-in-Disney-World Pooh T-Shirt.

Posh and Becks On Ebay?

We heard Posh and Becks’s London housekeeper stole their stuff and put it on Ebay– NOT COOL! Though we LOVE Posh and Beck’s– not sure who more– my boyfriend votes for Posh– I am OBSESSED with them both– don’t ever steal and then try to sell it. It’s just NOT COOL. If you try to do it at INTHEGLO, we will ban you. We are sorry Posh and Becks’s this would never have happened at IntheGlo.