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Introducing the New iPhone 3G S!

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Apple introduced us to their new iPhone 3G S today; the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet! The new iPhone, comes complete with a built in video camera. You will soon be able to shoot video, edit it, and share it — all on the new iPhone 3G S. Then can actually share your video in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync it back to your Mac or PC using iTunes. Even better, you will be able to upload to IntheGlo.com! Now you Glo on the Go! So… will you be upgrading to the new iPhone?


Susan Boyle: From YouTube Sensation to Oprah

Susan Boyle captured the world with her sensational performance on Britain’s Got Talent. She got a perm and started wearing lipstick and even traded her dowdy clothes for Burberry causing an international style frenzy. Now the YouTube star has sat down with Oprah. Though she didn’t get a spot on the famous couch, Susan was live via satellite. Check it out now!

Can Twitter Save Iraq?

As we all know, Iraq is in a state of “rebuilding”. So what will help the war torn country get up to the speed with the rest of the world? Social technology of course! CNN reports that the big guys over at Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Google and AT&T headed to the Middle East to discuss getting Iraq “in”. As it stands most Iraq citizens have two cell phones to stay connected. Check it out at CNN.com. What do you think? Can the internet save Iraq?